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July 30th, 2007 by admin

I’ve finally decided, and clicked the button and ordered my Canon EOS 400d from, so in a few days I will hopefully also have one of those digital SLRs. I have an analogue one already, of course (also Canon), but I never used it that much, because it was so stressful for me to develop the films and scan the prints.

Of course these days even places like Costco let you just hand in the roll as you go shopping and you get it back on both paper and CD-ROM (Just to revive a word from the 90s). However, for me it would still be a struggle, I have to buy the film, be careful not to waste the precious 24 or 36 (in some cases even 40!) pictures, and then having to go to Costco, which in the end can be quite expensive. Also, we always have problems finishing the big portions of food.

So now I’m going digital. I do already have a tiny digital camera with a broken LCD screen, so it’s almost like analogue cameras using the view fiender and guessing on what the pictures will be like when I come home. Then there’s my mobile phone that’s bragging about its “3 megapixels”, but with a quality that often can give somewhat of an analogue feeling.

I am not going for the full DSLR race yet, the 400d is called “entry level”, and those enormous white lenses and flash umbrellas will have to wait at least until after the wedding, and I suppose the bureaucratic process to get such purchases approved by the new finance minister can be quite long. But hang in there for more silly pictures of wires and fences!

It’s here already! Woho! No complaining about HDNL (Home Delivery Network Limited, which delivered the package) from me! However I did think ahead and ordered it for my office, and not my home. (Never mind the H)

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  1. Giovanni

    Hi Stian,

    I hope you’re enjoying the EOS400d… I’ve bought 2 weeks before you… it’s simply an amazing camera….

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